SJoCA 1: 1

Published: Spring 2012

Complete Issue

Table of Contents

Editorial Editorial (pdf)

p. 1-2


Mervi Miettinen: Past as multiple choice – Textual Anarchy and the Problems of Continuity in Batman: The Killing Joke Abstract (pdf) | Article (pdf)

p. 3-25

Anne Magnussen: Mara and Paracuellos – Interpretations of Spanish Politics from the Perspective of the Comics Abstract (pdf) | Article (pdf)

p. 26-44

Roberto Bartual: Towards a Panoptical Representation of Time and Memory – Chris Ware, Marcel Proust and Henri Bergson’s “Pure Duration” Abstract (pdf) | Article (pdf)

p. 45-68

Kai Mikkonen: Focalisation in Comics – From the Specificities of the Medium to Conceptual Reformulation Abstract (pdf) | Article (pdf)

p. 69-95

Ian Hague: Beyond the Visual – The Roles of the Senses in Contemporary Comics Abstract (pdf) | Article (pdf)

p. 96-110


Thierry Groensteen: The Current State of French Comics Theory Forum text (pdf)

p. 111-122


Martin Lund: Graven Images – A Commanding Read
Lewis, A. David, and Christine Hoff Kraemer, eds. Graven Images: Religion in Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Continuum, New York, 2010. Review (pdf)

p. 123-126

Olga Michael: A New Academic Approach to Women’s Autobiographical Comics
Chute, Hillary L. Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics. Columbia University Press, New York, 2010. Review (pdf)

p. 127-130

Mervi Miettinen: “A Thing of Many Levels, and Complexities.”
Di Liddo, Annalisa. Alan Moore: Comics as Performance, Fiction as Scalpel. University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, 2009. Review (pdf)

p. 131-135

Netta Nakari: Telling a Story Beyond Storytelling
Kukkonen, Karin. Storytelling Beyond Postmodernism: Fables and the Fairy Tale. Tampere University Press, Tampere, 2010. Review (pdf)

p. 136-140