Fredrik Strömberg

Fredrik Strömberg is a PhD student at Malmö University. Academically he has written about the definition of the Swedish term for comics, about the interest of Swedish chidlren and young adults in Japanese comics and most recently about Arab and Muslim superheroes in American comics pots 9/11. Strömberg was a founding member of the Nordic Network for Comcis Research, NNCORE in 2011, and organized the very first Swedish academic conference on comics, at Växjö University in 2010.

Strömberg is also the President of the Swedish Comics Association, the editor of Bild & Bubbla, Scandinavia’s largest and oldest magazine about comics and organizes festivals and curates exhibitions. He is also the headmaster of the Comics Art School of Malmö and gives lectures on comics history and comics theory. Strömberg has written a number of books on comics, such as the Eisner Award nominated Black Images in the Comics, Jewish Images in the Comics, Comic Art Propaganda and Swedish Comics History.

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